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Homeless Not Toothless

Raising the pride & dignity of the underserved through quality dental services

Homeless not toothless: Believing in the power of a smile

In 1992, Homeless Not Toothless, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit program, opened to provide free dental care to the homeless and underserved ( Presently, hundreds of local dentists participate in the greater Los Angeles area. Most of the patients are referred by the Venice Family Clinic and local shelters, where their dental needs and the necessity for treatment are assessed.

Since its inception, Homeless Not Toothless has provided over $3 million in services for this population. Dentists volunteer their time and either pay for laboratory expenses themselves or work with labs who donate their dental work. The dentists and staff who work with the homeless patients do so without financial compensation and with only the kindest and most generous hearts.

They all have one thing in common: A belief in the power of a great smile. And a commitment to giving homeless people a reason and a way to lift themselves up to a better life.

Homeless Not Toothless is proud to report the results we produced in 2015.

  • 16,085 children were seen pro-bono.
  • Thousands of procedures were performed for Veterans and the underserved communities.
  • Thanks to the hundreds of volunteers, the value of donated dental services for 2015 is more than $885,000.

2015 has brought the total donated to Homeless Veterans, Foster Children and the underserved to more than $3 Million in services since our inception in 1992.

I am truly grateful to Sharon Stone, an instrumental board member and friend, who has contributed to our growth, along with the hundreds of volunteers and my students at UCLA who have provided a tremendous amount of their time at my office and on campus.

Raising several hundred thousand dollars a year in donations is a constant goal, with the ultimate goal of a $5-Million endowment that will allow the program to live on in perpetuity.

I can’t wait to see what we will produce and provide in 2016.

Awards & honors

Awards and Honors presented to Homeless Not Toothless for its commitment and service to the City of Los Angeles.

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 Dianne Feinstein    GriegSmith    EdReyes
 EricGarcetti    Janice Hahn    Villaragossa
 Paul Koretz   Richard Alarcon    Tom Labonge 


Get in touch with us at 310.820.0123 with your questions or to schedule an appointment. For your convenience, you can use our online Appointment Request form. In addition to English, we speak Russian, Spanish and Farsi.